The best Sod Installation in Colorado Springs

Sod Installation Company Colorado Springs
Laying sod will be the method of getting an instant lawn. Whether you have only a few bad patches or you desire to completely re-do all of your yard, there are some things you should think about prior to taking with this labor-intensive task.

Should I Take away the Old Grass First?

Sod Installation Colorado Springs CO
There is a couple of methods for you to begin laying sod. You can take away the old grass first and lay sod on the bare ground. Or, you can lay it on the existing grass. I would recommend the former. Yes, I understand it’s easier to just put sod on the existing grass, but if you were likely to proceed through every one of the trouble and expense of installing sod, you will want to provide it with the most effective chance to come to be a lush lawn?

How come Removing the Old Grass First Better?

1. Well, if you believe your lawn and soil are experiencing problems to begin with, laying the sod them over is just masking the issue, not correcting it. Eventually, it will rear its ugly head again, after you’ve already spent considerable time, money and energy into it. Just bite the bullet and do it properly initially.

2. If you’re only sodding a portion of one’s lawn, laying it over existing grass can make your lawn uneven.

3. For your sod to properly integrate in to the ground, you don’t want a layer of old grass getting involving the sod and the nutrient-rich soil.

4. Protected by a layer of new sod, that old grass underneath will not get enough sunlight and begin to die. If it decomposes slowly, you’ll be playing a slimy layer of grass that can affect the way your expensive new sod will grow.

5. If you’re doing the entire lawn with a brand new species of grass, you do not need weeds or the old grass specie appearing through your new sod.

For some hours of hard work, you are able to strengthen your lawn by laying down sod. It is far more expensive, but also for people who want instant gratification, nothing beats sod. Just remember to protect your investment by maintaining it properly. Maintain the new sod well-watered and spread some fertilizer to assist it grow.


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